Thursday, October 15, 2015

Big Halloween Sale Preview!

Big Halloween Sale
THURSDAY, October 15, at 10:00pm EST

The shop is here:
Note - The items will not appear in the shop until the time of the sale.

Not sure what time this is in your time zone? Try this site with a handy time zone calculator. I am located in Ohio, USA, which has the same time zone as New York City:

These are the items that will be in the sale:

Halloween Edition toss cushion (two sizes)
Small (Approx. 10") $35
Large (Approx. 15") $55

Cushions are designed by the artist, and professionally printed on linen-cotton canvas. Appliqued onto black wool/rayon felt, and stuffed with natural cotton for a dense, weighty feel.

Smokey Quartz Belfry
$18 each (limit one per household please)

GLOW in the dark Pipsqueak
Raw glow color with silver micro glitter. Glows in dark and under blacklight.
$18 each (limit one per household, please)

Smokey Belfry and Glow in the Dark Pipsqueak two-pack.
$36 (limit one please)

Hand Painted Belfry with custom wooden coffin storage/display box.
Gray, 4 available.
$100 each

Hand Painted Belfry with custom wooden coffin storage/display box.
Purple, 5 available.
$100 each


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  4. I have to say I absolutely loved going to this place the other night. The people that work there were trying to create an optimal dinner experience while making your choices their priority. I would definitely recommend NYC venues for any kind of fancy event.


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